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Saw a whole bunch of salt trucks parked behind Target on my way home from choir practice, and managed to get out of Montgomery County before the snow started sticking. I count that as a win, considering how long MC appeared to be snowed in last month. Not that I think anybody will be snowed in this time, but it's a matter of principle ;)

Baltimore's Jack station has such a random playlist; I've never heard half the stuff they play, even if it's from the eighties. Tonight they were playing "One Night in Bangkok" from _Chess_, though, which I keep forgetting was ever a single.

Also, in case anyone cares, the Target on Cherry Hill now not only has fresh produce, but is open until 11PM weekdays. It's like a mini-SuperTarget or something. A Medium Target? A miniature giant space hamster?

Just finished watching Season 4 of _The Wire_, and may take a break from television for a little while. It's a great show, and surprisingly funny, but it knocks the wind right out of you.

(I give up; there's no good way to get back into posting to LJ, so I'll just pretend I haven't quit for the past year and a half or whatever.)


Our band uniforms from HS are available for purchase at a surplus store for $20 each (search for "Spring Woods" on that page). I'm strangely tempted, but I doubt the one made to my measurements when I was 15 would fit anymore...


the rain'll be gone in the morning

Have gotten a call from my parents -- they and kommie are fine and apparently have phone service. They don't have power, though, and only kommie has running water.

They're not going anywhere anytime soon though; most of the freeways are flooded. A lot of the same places are flooding that flooded in 2001, but presumably the 18-wheelers full of beer had enough warning to get off the streets this time.

Just got a text from jbarr76 -- his power is out (and apparently his land line, since I can't call him on it), but he's okay otherwise.

I assume I'll hear all the gory storm details when power is restored and he can count on being able to charge his cell if it runs down.

Happy birthday, kommie :)

Just think: this time next year, somebody else will be getting inaugurated. That should be a better birthday present than the one I haven't gotten you yet...


Vienna Teng is playing the Barns at Wolf Trap next Tuesday and Wednesday.

I'd like to go one day or the other, even though the tickets are a little steep. Is anyone else interested?


My presentation proposal (with my advisor) got accepted for HFES!

Well, we're now a week into the semester. I think I'm already behind, which is traditional, though I have made some progress on the thesis front. Unless anything blows up or I've grossly misunderstood the requirements, I should be getting my Masters in May. Now there's just that pesky PhD to finish.

Oh, if you're in DC and are interested in listening to church choirs, you should come to our joint choir concert Sunday afternoon (4PM). I think we may be counter-programmed against several Superbowl parties, though. On the flip side, I have no idea how many people the Meeting House will hold once we've crammed in three choirs, so too much turnout might be problematic. Let me know if you'd like details...


we used to be friends

I know this isn't really worthy of "first post in 2 months," but Veronica Mars Season 3 is up on iTunes.

Just sayin'.